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PHILEAS & CO Verified

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Quest House, Suite 2, Ground Floor, 125-135 Staines Road , Hounslow England
Year Established: 2012 | No Of Employee: 10+

Services and Products

  •     Online Chocolate Store
  •     Craft Chocolate
  •     Buying Dark Chocolates UK
  •     Buying Milk Chocolates UK
  •     Buying vegan chocolates UK
  •     Online chocolate subscription uk
  •     Order chocolates online uk
  •     Dark chocolates online
  •     Milk chocolate online
  •     Best dark chocolates online



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At Phileas & Co we have spent a disproportionate amount of our time over the years drinking coffee and eating chocolate, so much so that most things we do have revolved around the two! That said, even for people like us who obsessively look for great coffee to drink and great chocolate to eat, we have always found that we had to go well out of our way to find specialty coffee and chocolate artisans that for some reason unbeknownst to us have always seemed to be well off the beaten path! It is in part because of this that we decided that we would make it our lives work to make these yummy delights a lot more accessible than they currently are so everyone can enjoy coffee and chocolate in the way we do (and maybe even more so, if that's possible)!

Open 24 *7

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